Bamboo Touch Sleepwear

Do you have drenching night sweats (also known as Hyperhidrosis)? These sweats can occur as a result of a medically induced problem. for example in some types of Cancer, HIV, Parkinsons, Prostate Cancer, Tuberculosis, Breast Cancer, Mesothelioma, and as a result of certain cancer treatments or drugs. Our special Bamboo Touch Pyjamas have been designed to help you cope.

Our sleepwear is being used successfully in the NHS in Scotland within a Macmillan Cancer Unit and a palliative care unit. It has also been mentioned in the publication 'Nursing Practice Journal'

For several years we worked alongside a patient of The Lavender Touch Service who had a textile background, to develop our sleepwear product to help cope with medically induced sweats, ( also known as hyperhidrosis). These are excessive drenching symptoms, secondary to a variety of medical conditions.

Our Bamboo Viscose cloth properties are highly absorbent, dries quicker on the body than cotton, is thermal regulating and has a cashmere feel.

The cloth used is Bamboo Viscose. Its micro holes inside the fibres will absorb and hold large amounts of liquid, allowing the wearer the opportunity to sleep longer and have fewer nightwear and bedding changes.

The garment has been designed by a cancer survivor, who developed the garment to give extra absorbency and warmth with a double layer of bamboo at shoulders , the stand collar gives extra warmth and absorbency round the back and front neck area, the garment has been specifically sized to give extra room for people suffering with certain conditions. The buttons are sized to make it easier for fastening, pockets are large enough to hold medicines, tissues etc.


"I have just ordered a second pair of pyjamas for my husband. They are amazing and really do keep him dry during his drenching sweats at night. It's such a relief to have a good nights undisturbed dry sleep."

"It has changed my life - not being disturbed during the night - helps sleep pattern. Loved the pockets! I look forward to putting them on at night"

"very comfortable and soft and no changing bed linen or pj's at night. They are a life saver"

"We are so pleased with them that we have now ordered 6 pairs.We have also found Lavender touch very willing to help and advise ."

"Found sleepwear amazing. Was changing pj's 3 times a night - now 0 times. Improved my sleep pattern very much. I expected some relief but this product is a must for everyone suffering from drenching and sweating"

"I have found them cosy and very comfortable to wear. I would recommend them highly to anyone undergoing cancer treatments"

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