We’re truly grateful to everyone who gets involved to raise funds for our charity, as this allows us to continue providing support and treatments for those living with the effects of cancer and its treatment in the Scottish Borders. Without your help, our service simply wouldn’t exist. Here are just some of the ways local Borders residents have been getting involved with their brilliant and inspiring fundraisers:

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“I support The Lavender Touch because it is a small local charity which has the ability to help local people with cancer. I have taken part in Lavender Touch craft fairs at Lauder, Wear Lavender to Work Day, and had a collection tin at my gallery in Newtown St. Boswells – as well as donated items to the charity auction.”
Ian Oliver

(Tweedside Gallery)

“I have undertaken fund raising work for the Lavender Touch for the Treatment and Support shown to my Mother in Law during her fight against Cancer. I recall her saying that during her treatment it was the only time she felt relaxed and human again. She was so comfortable in the hands of the therapists she truly looked forward to her time with the charity.  My family will continue our support for the Charity as a consequence.”
Garry Gross

“We wanted to do the walk to both challenge us physically and benefit a charity. When deciding which charity to choose, we looked at ones we felt a strong connection with. We were both born in the Borders and clearly have a strong, heartfelt connection to the area. Unfortunately, over the years, cancer has directly affected our family. When we saw the loving, caring work of Lavender Touch, how it connects with the borders community and its families at their most difficult moments, it was the charity for us. We were overwhelmed by the kind support we received from everyone who donated to our walk, and saw this as a direct result of the choice to raise funds for Lavender Touch.”
Ian Oliver

Alex and Graham Robertson, (Tweedside Gallery)

“Brilliant charity doing brilliant work for those suffering and recovering from cancer! I decided to fundraise as my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it really hit home how this horrible disease affects so many people. However, with charities likes yourselves, it really is a great support for those going through it.”
Debbie Simpson

“I chose to do fundraising for The Lavender Touch because I have seen how much it can help someone going through some of the toughest times in their lives. Good to think that the money I raised will directly help local people and those I know who are currently having treatments from them. The volunteers are all wonderful.”
Louise Taylor

“The Lavender Touch does great work in the Scottish Borders Community helping those who have been affected by cancer. The charity is run by very compassionate and enthusiastic volunteers with drive and belief in what they are striving to achieve. This is one of the reasons we at Riverside Rock and Jedforest RFC have chosen Lavender Touch, and have been very proud to help and support such a great cause. Cancer is something that affects everyone sometime in their lifetime.”
Allan Fraser

(Riverside Rock and Jedforest RFC)

Some Of Our Recent Projects

We are so very thankful to all of you wonderful people and the things you do to help raise money. We thank you and are forever greatful for the lives you hel

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If you’d like to hold your own fundraising event, we’d be delighted to help support you in your endeavour - whatever it may be! We can help by providing leaflets, tins, collection buckets, t-shirts and even a presence at your event (if we can manage it - we’re a small team). Not to mention, we’ll also list your fundraising event right here on our website. So, why not request help with your fundraiser today by simply filling out the form below? Or alternatively, give us a call. We will provide whatever help you need to get started:

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