How Do I Go About Arranging Some Treatments?

You must do this through the healthcare professional you are seeing, e.g. GP, Nurse, Macmillan Nurses, etc. They will submit a referral on your behalf

Why Can’t I Contact The Charity To Ask Them To Arrange This?

As the service is coordinated with the NHS, it is confidential and allows the treatments to be individualised to patient needs.

Who Pays For This?

The Lavender Touch Charity pays for the cost of therapies and support you will recieve.

How Many Treatments Can I Have?

Usually patients receive 6 treatments and carers can receive up to 3, however this depends on each individual’s circumstances. As the charity relies on donated fund treatments have to be limited. In exceptional circumstances patients can be referred again.

Does The Lavender Touch Only Provide Complementary Therapies?

No. We also provide help for people with cancer in other ways, e.g. providing information; linking with other services etc. you can read an article on complementary therapy here

Do The Lavender Touch Therapists Have To Be Specifically Trained In This Type Of Work?

All therapists are required to have a Diploma in Massage Therapy, or equivalent degree and be registered with a recognised governing body. Some of our therapists have additional qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage etc.

Natural products developed by clinical aromatherapists, and specially designed to help you or a loved one deal with the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

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