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Helping to raise funds to treat those dealing with the cancer and the side effects associated with its treatment

Welcome to The Lavender Touch events page. As a charity, we hold two main events each year:

In spring, we have our ‘Wear Lavender to Work’ day, where we encourage people in the Borders to donate £1 to wear Lavender in the workplace. Over 100 businesses take part each year, and some individuals even like to get involved by selling purple cakes and wearing purple rosettes.

There’s also our annual dinner, dance and auction, which usually takes place around Halloween and has everyone up on the dancefloor. Our chosen auctioneer for the night is also there to auction a wide variety of items – which have previously included anything from salmon fishing to car maintenance!

Due to the small nature of our team (made up of just four unpaid trustees), these are the only events we organise ourselves. However, we do encourage others to get involved with their own events to help people living through cancer and the side effects of its treatment.

How you can get involved

We truly appreciate everyone who supports these events every year, and whilst we do understand that time can be limited, we’d love it if you could find a way to get involved – why not check out our fundraising page to see what else is going on in your area?

Alternatively, you could start your very own fundraising event. We’ll endeavour to do our utmost to help you promote your event via our Facebook page – and on here.

Natural products developed by clinical aromatherapists, and specially designed to help you or a loved one deal with the side effects of cancer and its treatment.

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