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A Younger perspective on charity work

Caitlin Beattie

I have watched my Mum go to Lavender Touch meetings since I was 10 years old, it was normal, regular, consistent. This year for the first time I decided to go to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to see what they really talked about that made the magical work that the Lavender Touch does, a reality. 

As we sat around the meeting table with cups of tea in hand, I looked around the room and noted the different personalities that were already so apparent, this is the way to do it, different minds, different talents, one common aim. I was in awe at how much knowledge Alex, Sheila, Dot, Jan, Malcolm and Christine had in their own areas of the Charity. They were passionate, interested and really cared for what happened in their sectors. At the end of the meeting they talked about areas for improvement, one from their own area and one from someone else’s. This perked their heads up and got them thinking, but yet, the suggestions that came out were realistic, valuable and appreciated by all in the group. 

One thing that grabbed my attention; as we talked about products the group spent a lot of time thinking about how to get the best products to the people that need them. On the other hand, my 21-year-old brain took a wander down a very different route. How can we get pyjamas that are so valuable to the people that need them and serve an incredibly important purpose more known about in order to help more people? In my head and on the sheet of paper in front of me I created a fundraiser idea, you could have a pyjama breakfast and everyone that attends has to wear the pyjamas that the Lavender Touch sell. With the Therapists that work for the Lavender Touch cat walking through the audience receiving the recognition and credit for the work that they do. 

This in itself was a fantasy idea that was fun and amusing to think about. However, it did get me pondering what a young mind could add to charities such as the Lavender Touch. We are enthusiastic, fast learners and have a whole set of IT skills that many in the generations before us do not hold (as much as they sometimes like to think that they do), and that is not even mentioning the new, fresh set of ideas that we all hold in our heads and are capable of presenting given the inspiration and platform to do so. Working with a charity can do so many things, it helps people that truly need it and is also an incredible opportunity to learn from our elders some of the things us young people maybe don’t quite have down to a tea yet. 

Young blood is valuable and I am excited at the ideas that myself and my peers have to offer for charities such as the Lavender Touch if we are given the chance. Take this chance, volunteer to help the Lavender Touch.                  (Caitlin Beattie)

Posted by: Sheila Scott / 07 October 2016 at 10:51 / Comment

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