Are you sick of lying in a freezing cold bed with dripping wet pyjamas caused by nocturnal hyperhidrosis?

Sleepwear designed by a cancer patient, for cancer patients

Do you or a family member struggle with cold drenching night sweats - AKA nocturnal hyperhidrosis?

If you or someone you love is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, you may be all too familiar with one of the worst side effects - waking up multiple times a night to find yourself drenched in cold, debilitating sweats.

Nocturnal hyperhidrosis can feel like a bit of a double whammy, because when you’re already feeling drained, getting up five or six times a night to change your pyjamas and sheets isn’t always an option - but the alternative is far worse, leaving you shivering and cold.

Either way, you or your loved one are left unable to get a good night’s sleep and the rest your body so badly needs.

That’s precisely why one cancer patient decided to fight back, and combat nocturnal hyperhidrosis for good by finding a way to absorb sweat that keeps you feeling warm, dry and comfortable.

As a result, she invented Bamboo Touch sleepwear - and has never looked back.

Introducing Bamboo Touch - designed by a cancer patient, for cancer patients

Uniquely designed for ultra-absorbency, Bamboo Touch ‘Drench-to-Dry’ sleepwear can help alleviate issues caused by night-time body drenches related to cancer treatments and other conditions resulting in cold night sweats.

With as much as 60% more absorbency than cotton, and additional antibacterial properties (even after 100 washes), bamboo is a natural product that absorbs body odour whilst being both cooling in summers and warming in winters - not to mention hyper soft, like cashmere.

These pyjamas have been specially-designed with a high collar and cuffs that go right down to your ankles and wrists. Because the material is permeable and actively breathes, it also helps to stabilise body surface temperature - yet won’t stick to your body when you’re covered in sweat.

Pauline’s story

A few years back, Pauline Birse - a textile designer with a manufacturing background from Selkirk - went through the dreadful experience of living with cancer, and the resulting cold drenching night sweats.

What’s more, she decided to do something about it - which is when she initially approached Lavender Touch with her idea.

This is her story.

“I would wake up in the middle of the night absolutely frozen with dripping wet pyjamas stuck to my entire body. When this occurred, probably 5 - 6 times a night, due to the side effects of my chemotherapy, I wasn’t able to get out of bed, change my pyjamas and the sheets as well. I then ended up lying in soaking wet pyjamas and a soaking wet bed (normally crying), waiting until I dried off.

Personally, I feel that nobody can possibly understand the extent of trauma that these side effects can have on people’s lives. When I said ‘cold sweat’, people would suggest putting on a jumper! The reality of a cold sweat is a constantly frozen neck, constantly frozen bald head, and every half hour it feels like standing in snow naked. Added to that, your whole body is coated with cold liquid normally running down your back.

Water starts appearing on cuffs due to it pouring out of your armpits and flowing down your hands. It drips off your head down to your brow and into your eyes, because you have no eyebrows. I would never have imagined the trauma of going to bed every night until I experienced it for myself. Doctors, nurses and cancer specialists do agree that the chemotherapy sweats and cold are unavoidable in some people.”

After three years in development, Pauline was finally happy that her tried-and-tested, natural sleepwear could let cancer sufferers get a good night’s sleep.

Bamboo Touch sleepwear features

Unlike other sleepwear on the market, Bamboo Touch has been uniquely designed for ultimate comfort and absorbency to help combat hyperhidrosis.

Its main features include:

  • A stand-up collar to help keep the neck area dry and warm
  • Two front pockets for keeping essentials close at hand
  • A double yoke at the shoulder, front and back, to allow for double the amount of moisture retention
  • Large buttons for easy fastening
  • Comfort elastic in the waist
  • Extra ease incorporated into the garment
  • Ultra-absorbent Bamboo Touch material

Who can Bamboo Touch sleepwear help?

Bamboo Touch sleepwear may help anyone suffering from the following issues:

  • Nocturnal hyperhidrosis
  • Mesothelioma sweats
  • Parkinsons sweats
  • Lymphoma sweats
  • Breast cancer sweats
  • Prostate cancer sweats
  • Asbestosis
  • HIV sweats
  • Night drenches associated with heart disease or angina

Here’s what customers are saying:

bamboo? Would they be comfortable? But gosh, they were so soft and quite luxurious.

Steven was diagnosed at the age of 43 with terminal bowel cancer. He sadly died just 7 months later. He was so upbeat and brave through it all. His mum Trish recalls:

“I remember the sweats he had and the changes of pyjamas and bed linen but the bamboo pj’s magically dealt with it all.  I also remember wondering what they might feel like… bamboo? Would they be comfortable? But gosh, they were so soft and quite luxurious. Anything that was going to ease those terrible days was just so welcome.  Steven said also how lovely and cosy they were “


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