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What We Do

We are a Scottish Borders cancer charity who fund a team of qualified therapists. We also develop and sell products to help people living with cancer.

Our Lavender Touch Therapists work as part of the holistic care team for cancer patients who live in the Borders area. All referrals to the service come from healthcare professionals, e.g. Doctors; Nurses; Occupational Therapists; Physiotherapists etc. Confidentiality is assured as The Lavender Touch Therapists work to the same confidentiality rules as the other healthcare staff.

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Anyone who lives within the Scottish Borders Region and who has cancer is eligible for treatment. Also, if you have someone who spends most of their time & energy helping looking after you, they too may be eligible for treatments.

Feedback from those who have benefitted indicate that in the vast majority (98%) of cases, the therapy treatments will help alleviate some of the symptoms experienced by cancer patients, e.g. insomnia, muscle aches and pains, anxiety, low mood, nausea etc. The service is co-ordinated with the NHS, thus allowing care to be more seamless. Confidentiality is maintained and safe, effective, individualised treatments are provided.

Range of Beneficial Treatments

Service users can receive different treatments such as reflexology, different types of Massage or Aromatherapy - which may include massage with essential oils. Bubble baths, creams and room sprays may also be given to use as home treatments.

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Feedback received from patients and Carers who have used the service.

  • "The Lavender Touch helped me through the most difficult time in my life"
  • "It is one time when my husband has been peaceful and relaxed during this stressful time."
  • "The care and dedication of my Lavender Touch therapist has helped me through this difficult time making it much more bearable".
  • "I felt this was part of a holistic approach to my recovery - helping to relieve much tension and anxiety and I found I became more at ease with myself"
  • "A very relaxing treatment which allowed me to forget for a brief time about my cancer"
  • "My chemo treatment caused me aches and pains having the Lavender Touch treatments greatly helped, I would recommend other cancer patients to try them as they were a great help to me during my treatment"
  • " it is good to have someone do something pleasant as opposed to someone sticking needles and drugs into you!"
  • "I would recommend anyone undergoing cancer treatment to take up the offer of this worth while service if given the chance"


Having worked with the NHS in Scotland since 2003, our experience in addressing symptom management has allowed us to develop a range of products. Our Bamboo Touch Sleepwear, along with our Essential and Therapeutic ranges, have been brought out after the need was identified by the people we treat - those living with cancer.


Our team of Clinical Aromatherapists, develop products for people living with cancer. With approx. 19 years experience, and with our own Borders based therapists working alongside health professionals within the NHS to address symptom management, we have an experienced and knowledgeable team.

Our Lavender Touch products come in two ranges -

Therapeutic Touch for those living with cancer to help with symptom management

Essential Touch - our natural skin care range for all.

As a cancer charity any profits we make go back into patient care and for further development.

Our product ranges came about as a need was being highlighted by the people we treat - those with cancer. First came the sleepwear range, Bamboo Touch, to address the cold night drenches. This issue was mentioned to us by a patient to then proceeded to work with us to develop the Pyjamas. Then followed the creams and sprays. These again came about as a result of patients being seen with skin issues following cancer treatments. With our experience of creating blends of essential oils for our local patients, it seemed sensible to offer these to the wider market.

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