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Night Sweats

Sleepwear to help cope with Medically induced Drenching

If you are experiencing freezing, drenching night sweats and having to change sleepwear and bedding, you may be suffering from a medically induced problem. Our special Bamboo Touch Pyjamas have been designed to cope with this.

This sleepwear is being used in the NHS in Scotland within a Macmillan Cancer Unit and a palliative care unit. It has also been mentioned in the publication 'Nursing Practice Journal'

Extreme night sweats (Nocturnal Hyperhidrosis) and drenching can be caused as a result of a medical condition. For those living with cancer the added trauma of night sweating and changing and washing nightwear and bedding is an extremely unwelcome side effect, not only for the patient but also for the carer.

People with the following conditions may experience night drenches

- Cancer
- Lymphoma
- Leukaemia
- Parkinsons
- Prostate Cancer
- Tuberculosis
- As a result of some cancer treatments or cancer drugs (chemotherapy, radiotherapy or hormone therapy).
- Breast Cancer
- Mesothelioma

womens night swaet pyjamas
mens night sweat pyjamas

Cold Sweats

The reality of a drenching cold sweat is described by one breast cancer patient as "constantly frozen neck, constantly frozen bald head, and every half hour it feels like standing in snow naked. Your whole body is coated with cold sweat liquid normally running down your back . It drips down your head to your brow and into your eyes because you have no eyebrows"

The Solution

This amazing garment developed in a range of sizes for both male & female wearers has been designed to absorb liquid (hyperhidrosis) from the surface of the skin to whilst keeping the body warm. Although specifically designed for cancer patients these Bamboo Touch Pyjamas will certainly help alleviate the syptoms of excessive night sweats caused by other medical conditions.

Our Bamboo Touch Sleepwear is now being used in cancer units and by NHS medical professionals. It is of great benefit to those people who suffer from drenching night sweats and is also useful in 'end of life' situations. It has received great feedback from medics and patients alike who have searched for many years for a solution to this debilitating problem.



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