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Male night sweats

Excessive sweating in men can be caused by a number of medical conditions. The sufferer can find himself changing sleepwear and bedding several times a night.

Although we frequently hear of women suffering night sweats as a result of menopausal symptoms, some men may be more unlikely or reluctant to discuss a similar problem.

Male night sweats can be caused as a result of Prostate Cancer, lymphoma, leukaemia, cancer to name a few, but it can also be due to other medical conditions or as a side effect of medication they may be taking.

Night Sweats in men can cause awakening due to the discomfort of wet sleepwear resulting in having to get up and change not only pyjamas but bedding as well. This cannot only disturb the person suffering from the condition, frequently referred to as Hyperhidrosis, but also a sleeping partner.

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