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Compare Bamboo Touch

Comparing Bamboo Touch Sleepwear with other products

Years of research have gone into the design of our Bamboo Touch Sleepwear and there are very good reasons why we offer full length pyjamas for a multitude of medical conditions in this specific design.

The information supplied below is a comparison chart between our product and others available.


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Comparison Chart

Comparing Bamboo Touch with other makes / material
FeatureBenefitOther Materials / Products
ClothThermal regulating, trapping in warmth but also allowing warmth to flow through the micro gaps and holesNo thermal regulating properties in fleece, brushed cotton, polycotton, cotton or silk
.Absorption - 60% greater than cotton in absorbing moisture from the body

Fleece does not hold water from the body - it makes the wearer wet and cold.

Brush cotton and cotton can hold a small amount of moisture but not water created by hydrosis; it makes the wearer wet and cold.

Polycotton and silk can hold very little moisture, saturates very quickly making wearer wet and cold.

.Feel- feels like cashmere with a luxury feel on the skin offering comfort to the wearer. Although heavy when in a folded bundle the weight is then dispersed over body when worn.Other materials are only comfortable when dry
.Depth of Cloth - our sleepwear has good depth of cloth with double loop weave. This offers maximum absorbency and comfortPolycotton, cotton and silk have no depth of weave, are lightweight and do not give the absorbency and comfort for cancer side effects or at end of life.
DESIGNCollar - is designed to capture water from head and neck preventing pooling in area above collarbones.In other products most collars, if present, lie open with no benefit as regards absorption.
.Yoke - has double yoke on shoulders. When a person is asleep the bed covers naturally slip down just below the shoulders - thus creating the coldest part of the body. The double yoke on the back and front shoulders soak up twice the amount of water produced by the hydrosis and allows the wearer to sleep longerNo Yoke
.Buttons - these are large allowing the wearer to fasten/unfasten easily. Important if finger ends are numb as result of chemotherapy and can also be helpful for a carer.Tend to be smaller
.Sleeve - extra sleeve width added to bicep, elbow and wrist areas which allows space for lymphedema suffers, cannulas, morphine drivers. Allows the wearer to keep their modestyCan be too tight on some people resulting in tops having to be worn on one side of the body only - modesty issue.
.Pockets - double pockets, good size for carrying medication which may need to be kept close to the wearer dependant on symptoms and side effects - e.g. lubricating spray for swallowing as a result of chemo affecting the salivary glands.Women's' sleepwear rarely have pockets
.Crutch to waistband -comfort elastic waistband and extra length - allows greater comfort and room for wearers who have testicular cancers, catheters and general stomach swelling and gives more modesty to wearer.Most other products are designed with fashion in mind with crutch to waistband being too short.
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